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My name is Dinh Quang Huy or NhamNgaHanh as alias .
When you seeing this page ,it mean you are browsing my latest template Simplex-Darkness . I tried so hard for coding this template and make it look professional . Blogger is a powerful platform and I think it can do the same functions as Wordpress , Drupal or any others .
Of course,there are something you can say about it loading time and its operation .You see ,it's not base on a Server side script such as PHP or ASP ,it's just javascript code to do ,so it can't work as fast as Wordpress . I will try so hard to optimize code for loading time .
If you get any ideas want to share or want to report an error when using this template ,pls go
http://simplexdesign.blogspot.com and give me comments or mail direct to me : contact.dinhquanghuy@gmail.com
Thanks for your time .

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About the Author

My name is Dinh Quang Huy or known as alias NhamNgaHanh .I made this template in magazine style and named it Simplex Darkness .I hope it helpful to persons who want a solutions for a template in Blogspot.To download this template and see template install instruction ,go to Simplex Design blog.


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  1. kk says:



  2. helo sobat, saya udah pasang link km tp ada disisi blog bagian utama:
    di: http://penghuni60.blogspot.com
    dgn nama "Berita Sepakbola"
    kalo salah ksh tau ya...

  3. bily says:

    ok,I'll do that bro..

  4. hagi says:

    hello guys..


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